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The 12th International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia
(12th ICHSEA)
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
JULY 14-18, Monday-Friday, 2008
International Society for the History of East Asian
Science, Technology, and Medicine (ISHEASTM)
The International Society for the History of East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine (ISHEASTM) will hold its Twelfth International Conference at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, July 14-18, 2008. The central theme for the Twelfth Conference will be “Tribute to a Generation.” Among the “High Ancestors” of our organization most members would include Joseph Needham, Yabuuti Kiyosi, Zhu Kezhen, Li Yan, and Qian Baocong. In addition to providing a forum for the latest scholarship in the history of science, technology, and medicine in East Asia, at our 2008 conference we will honor our field’s “Second Generation”: Professors Li Di, Pan Jixing, and Xi Zezong in mainland China, Nakayama Shigeru and Yamada Keiji in Japan, Jeon Sang-Woon in Korea, Ho Peng-Yoke in Malaysia, and Nathan Sivin in the United States.
Each one of these scholars in their own way and national contexts laid the foundations in scholarship, journals, infrastructure, institutional commitment, and training during the second half of the 20th century for the global ISHEASTM community that exists today. In addition to having their bibliographies and academic biographies posted on the conference, society, and journal websites, each honoree will have conference panels related to their respective research themes formally designated in their honour. In the case of the late Professor Li Di, this panel will take the form of a memorial session. There will also be a special reception hosted by the Department of the History and Sociology of Science of the University of Pennsylvania in honor of Professor Sivin’s contributions to the field and his establishment of the society’s journal Chinese Science in 1975.
With this “Tribute to a Generation” in mind, the society encourages panel proposals centred on general themes these scholars developed in the field and which continue to flourish in new directions. Panels formed with such themes explicitly will be given priority. The society also encourages panels in core disciplines of the field including mathematics, astronomy, technology, alchemy, medicine and public health, and the life sciences in East Asia. Papers dealing with any of these wide-ranging themes will be welcome as it is the intent of the Organizing Committee to encourage broad participation from both senior and junior scholars. Individuals may also submit proposals for consideration separately from a panel or choose to present their research as a poster board to be exhibited with the display of recent books, journals, and announcements.
The conference will be held in the new Charles Commons of Johns Hopkins University. Charles Commons has a complete state-of-the-art conference center as well as student-rate accommodations, a cafeteria, bookstore, workout room, piano room, and kitchen facilities for all guests to use.
The prices are the following for each option and do not include breakfast.
  1. Charles Commons Residence Hall at conference site: $45/night per person (special rate for ICHSEA participants): Each suite contains two single rooms with a full bed (not double or queen bed), a shared full bath and kitchen area.
    Reservations through conference website.
  1. The Inn at the Colonnade, 5 min walk to conference site:
     $169/night a room (special rate for ICHSEA participants): 2 queen beds, coffee/tea maker, TV, wireless. Contact Darlene Mosby or hotel front desk directly: , 1-410-235-5400.
  2. Radisson at Cross Keys, 3 miles to Hopkins campus:
    $119/night a room (special rate for ICHSEA participants): 2 double beds, coffee/tea maker, TV, wireless. Shuttle to campus in morning available. Each guest must make their own reservations by June 13, 2008 to insure the conference rate. Contact front desk: 1-410-532-6900, toll free 1-800-532-5397. On-line booking will be available at .
  3. A few furnished rooms will be available for graduate students at $135/week Sun noon-Sat noon: Double bed, kitchenette, bath. Wyman apartments 410-235-8000, fax 410-235-8023, contact Vita Leon: .
  4. For cheaper accommodations, see also Friends of Baltimore Hostel. Contact: or website select Baltimore.
1 Nov 2007    The conference website will be linked to the websites of ISHEASTM and the front page of the Department of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University Registration forms will be made available there as well as a full description of the conference accommodation options, cultural activities, tentative schedule, and list of the honorees with their bio-bibliographies. Registration fees may be paid directly through the website with a credit card, by money order, or by check. & EASTM eastm/
1 Dec 2007 - 1 Mar 2008       Early Bird Registration on website and submission of abstracts. Panel, paper, and poster board abstracts of 250 words should be sent via e-mail attachment to conference organizers: Marta Hanson and Morris Low
1 February 2008                    Deadline for applications for financial assistance
                                                (See below)
1 April 2008                           Notification of acceptance of submissions
                                                (Abstracts cannot be accepted after this date)
15 April 2008                         Publication of preliminary program
1 Mar – 1 July 2008               Late Registration and on-site registrations add $30 for students, postdocs, retirees; $75 for all others to Early Bird Fees
Conference Fees (U.S. Dollars)
Early-Bird Registration, 1 Nov 2007-1 Mar 2008:                       
Standard Rate                                   300     
Graduate students, post-docs
within 5 years of Phd, retirees       215     
Guest/Companion                           150      (For the whole week, accompanying
                                                                        someone paying the standard or graduate                                                                      student/postdoc/retiree rate)
Day registration                                 30      (Entitles attendance at the conference for                                                                        one specific day only, two days maximum.                                                                    Otherwise the weekly rate must be paid.)                      
Registration for the conference automatically confers membership of the society for three years (except for weekly guest or day participants). Members of the society receive its journal East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine.  Fee also includes special receptions, continental breakfasts and tea breaks (but not lunches), and cultural activities such as visits to Walters Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art, and Peabody Institute of Music (but not the Weds July 16th trip to Washington).
Registration after 1 Mar 2008, including On-Site Registration:
An extra $30 for students and $75 for all others will be added to the Early Bird Fees.
Per diem registration will stay at $30 for those who wish to come for 1-2 days to attend sessions but do not seek membership in the society at this time.
Other Options:
Nolan Café’s Buffet Lunch tickets $10/day                                                          $50
            (Needs to be added to registration fee above)
            Many other lunch options within block of conference site.
Weds, July 16, Fieldtrip to Washington DC: Visit to Library of                      $40
            Congress, National Library of Medicine, and a National
            Museum (Needs to be added to registration fee above)
Friday, July 18, Final Crab Feast Banquet, Tour of Inner Harbor       
            No fee for those registering for the full week at either the
standard rate or the             reduced rate for graduate students,
post-docs and retirees. All others must pay $50 to attend.
Cancellation Policy:
All Cancellations must be received in writing and emailed to Molly Manfredo by 1 May 2008 for full refund.
After May 1, a $75 cancellation fee will apply.
The organizers will provide some local subsidies for the registration fees and set aside cheaper accommodations for students and participants who are resident in countries whose economic level would otherwise make it impossible for them to attend. Awards will be made on the basis of the quality of abstracts and a statement of financial need, which will be evaluated by a panel of committee members (travel expenses not included). All applications for awards should be emailed to the graduate student liaison Pierce Salguero and must be received on or before 1st February 2008. Later applications will not be considered.
Christopher Cullen, Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, UK
Vera Dorofeeva-Lichtmann, CNRS, Paris, France
Fan Fa-ti, State University of New York at Binghamton, USA
Catherine Jami, CNRS, Paris, France
Hans Ulrich Vogel, University of Tübingen, Germany
Zhang Baichun 张柏春, Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese
            Academy of Sciences, Beijing, PRC
The 12th International Conference for the History of Science in East Asia is co-hosted by the following regional institutions: Program in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine and the Department of History, Johns Hopkins University; Program in the History of Science, Princeton University; and the Department of the History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania.
Marta Hanson, History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins:
Morris Low, Dir. of Asian Studies, Univ. of Queensland:
Committee members:
Randall Packard, Chair Dept of History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins
Christine Ruggere, History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins
Sharon Kingsland, Chair Dept of History of Science & Technology, Johns Hopkins
William Rowe, Dept of History, Johns Hopkins
Benjamin Elman, Depts of East Asian Studies and History, Princeton University
Angela Craeger, Program in the History of Science, Princeton University
Ruth Schwartz Cowan, History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania
Michele Thompson, Dept of History, University of Southern Connecticut
Carol Benedict, Dept of History, George Washington University
Ruth Rogaski, Dept of History, Vanderbilt University
Chinese language local liaison:  Du Lihong, China Academy of Social Sciences,
            Visiting Scholar, History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins:
Korean language local liaison: Min Suh Sun, Assistant Professor, History of
            Science & Technology, Johns Hopkins:
Japanese language local liaison: Kaori Iida, PhD Candidate, History of
            Science & Technology,
Graduate student liaison: Pierce Salguero, PhD Candidate, History of
            Medicine, Johns Hopkins: