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此次学术报告邀请到日本神户大学(Kobe University,Japan)国际文化研究科塜原东吾(Togo Tsukahara)教授,他报告的题目是《Japanese Colonial Sciences, Its Problems to Overcome and Our Proposal of China-Japan Cooperation》。

After the opening of nation in the middle of the nineteenth century, Japan aggressively acquired Western sciences and technology. One of the results is its militarization, and invasive expansion of its territories to the neighboring nations. In order to review its history, there are still some obstacles we recognized. In my research project 2005-2008, on "History of Science in the Japanese Imperial Universities", we have successfully established research co-operation between the researchers concerning former Japanese Imperial Universities, Taipei and Seoul.

On the top of such excellent achievements as carried out by Dr. 韓健平《日伪时期的殖民地科研机构》and Dr. 梁波《科学技術社会史:帝国主義研究視域中的科学技術》, we the Japanese historians of sciences are considering more to work on these issues. Now in particular, our issue is to engage more in Manchuria and Chinese history of sciences, and carry out research into Ryojun Engineering University (旅順工科大学)and Manshu Ika Daigaku (满洲医科大学). We need to overcome political difficulties, and hoping to have more research co-operation between Chinese scholars and Japanese historians.

在学术报告会上,塜原东吾(Togo Tsukahara)教授还介绍了東京理科大学工学部愼蒼健教授《Introducing Our Research Project of Historical Studies on Japanese Imperial Sciences and Its Network》(关于帝国日本的知识网络的科学史研究)的内容和最新进展情况。

塜原东吾(Togo Tsukahara)教授长期从事科学史和科学哲学研究。1980 – 1987年,在东京学芸大学学习,获硕士学位。1987 – 1993年,在荷兰莱顿大学学习,获博士学位。2000年,创建日本STS学会等。

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